2016-08-16 02:51:18 by tallestrose

Last week. I was at work. My collegues finally left through the door, waving me goodbye as I began my evening shift. I tapped a few keys and clicked a couple of times. Newgrounds' oh-so user-friendly home page appeared on my computer screen.

"Shit, I got two reviews and a new message!"

Coincidentally, last year, on that very same day, I had released a track. A highly personal track of mine. One that I had made for myself, when I needed it the most. One that I hesitated to put online, but did anyway, convinced that it would be listened to a few times and then forgotten.

Strangely enough, my song attracted a few hundred of users during the time I was away from the site. Quite a few people listened to it, and I had newcomers giving me positive feedback. I was surprised, and I didn't know what could have caused such a buzz, let alone a year after the track's release. Usually, I get next to no traffic on my content, and that's perfectly fine. There are way better musicians out there, and I still need to improve!

Despite my confusion, I was happy. I answered to the reviews, like I always do: it's my way of giving back to the people who use their precious time to give constructive criticism to someone else on the Internet, something that is highly underappreciated.

I checked some new content and then logged out. Keep in mind, I was at work. I came back on the website a few days later - tonight - and I was surprised once more.

Two more reviews, and two hundred more views on my track.

What is going on?

I clicked on the track, and something different caught my eye.

"I... was frontpaged?!"

I couldn't believe it, and I still can't. I'm at a loss for words, and I have no idea how such a personal and barely relatable song can be frontpaged.

But all that matters is that it made my day, and that listening to this track might have made someone else's day. To me, it's all that counts.

I'm grateful to everyone. All I can hope now is for my future content to be just as good, if not better.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! <3

Dead Head

Late-night update

2016-01-23 22:16:25 by tallestrose

Hi there! It's been a while since I've written something here. Nobody reads it anyway. Heheh.

A lot has changed. I'm no longer in school, I decided to quit. I've become a bit angry at the education system, and I did not want to waste my energy there anymore.

Now, I have two main jobs. I work for the customer service department of a local newspaper, and an amusement centre. Despite the first one being the most profitable, my favorite is the other. The boss there is less of a douche.

Aside from that, I'm still into filmmaking. I'm planning an ambitious webseries named 'Reality Walkthrough'. It's about a young man who's so scared of the outside world that he hides himself and plays video games. I'd love to say that it's not an autobiography, but I'd be lying a bit...

I have a lot of other film projects, some more personal than others. But since I don't wanna rush things, I keep it all in my mind. In the meantime, I write stuff down, and I compose music or draw art that's inspired by my new ideas.

Newgrounds has an amazing community and I'm glad to witness it. I'll keep uploading more stuff here.

Take care!


Dead Head

Wh-What now? MOVIES?!

2013-05-31 05:59:03 by tallestrose

Hello there. New post. YAY.

So basically, I've started learning the basics on Adobe Flash CS6 at school. Because well... school's awesome.

And from now on, I'll be posting cartoons on NG, along with my music n stuff.

The thing is, I won't post many cartoons right now, because :
- I still gotta learn stuff in Flash.
- I've got other projects, such as series and movies that I plan on shooting soon.
- I'm too busy trying to buy cheap and working Dreamcast games.

Anyway. Still, if you ever read this AND are interested in what else I (mostly try to) do, you can always check out my YouTube channel dedicated to my official projects : Red Team Network. Though most videos are in french, you can still check 'em out if you want, just by clicking on that happysmiley! :)

So yeah... I guess that's about it! More music on the way though.

Wha, wo... what?!

2012-08-01 02:21:45 by tallestrose

So yeah, I haven't made an update for a while... oh god.

Well, I'm part of a new electronic band, called Wherestoday! We released our first EP on the 1st of July, on Bandcamp! Click on that happysmiley to visit our page! :)

Also, we are already working on a second EP, codenamed "In Extremis". The songs you will find on this new EP will be the two tracks I released a few days ago on Newgrounds : Clockworkin' and Paper Airplanes. There will be more too!

Third, I have a whole new YouTube account, made especially for all my films and other visual projects! This is the RedTeamNetwork, and we will post a lot of original shit. Though the main language we post in is french, there still are subtitles. We do our best to put some in all of our videos. So click on that happysmiley to visit this channel, and possibly be so impressed by it that you'll subscribe! (I'm kiddin'.) :D

And finally, I got Flash! So I might be able to post some crap on Newgrounds soon! But don't expect it too soon though. I need to focus on being a little bit better at animating with this. I don't consider myself bad at drawing nor animating, but still, it's a new experience for me.

So that's about it, see ya very soon-ish, pineapples and bee boys! Dead Head's on the run!

Wha, wo... what?!

About meh??

2011-07-08 10:56:52 by tallestrose

Hello there, pineapples and bee boys, Dead Head speaking.

So... this is my first post. HAH. Like a boss.

And I'm writing this post just to let you peepulz know that I'll be posting more and more music on my account.

Also, please take note that, unless I say it's not, each audio I upload on Newgrounds is made by Cristalnova (my music group) and I own them.

Oh, and if you want to know a little more about the group, I gotz a Facebook page right here (just click on the happeysmiley. :D

And I also have a main YouTube account where I post random stuff. And some of my videos are in french. Eh, I also have a lot of english videos. It's called... TheDeadHeadShow! How original. To go on my channel, just click on this other happeysmiley. :P

And finally, in my main channel, you might find some "music videos" that I make - just for fun - for my OTHER BAND, called The Victims Of Time. We're a Hard Rock band. :P I know that's a whole different genre than my other band. But oh well. My Hard Rock band has a YouTube account, too! Just click the following happeysmiley. :) And The Victims Of Time is on Facebook! Just click on this last happeysmiley. ;)

So... I guess that's it for now!

Stay tooned, gamer fellows! Dead Head's on the run.

About meh??