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Yikes. While I could understand your message that "both extremes are snowflakes", I would argue that a lack of political stance was fun and original a couple years ago. But now that human rights are at risk during this horrible presidency, this jaded and nihilist viewpoint is unproductive and only serves to damage the discourse further.

YULFO83 responds:

Hi tallestrose, thank you for your feedback. although my message does come across more from a nihilistic point of view the message was more about how things are handled. theres an ignorance on both sides that seem to completely take over and we lose the real argument because we react on emotion. the argument appears more like 2 bitter devoice parents trying to convince you that one is worse than the other. Its not about communication its about how we are gonna get the other group in trouble so we look better. ALSO, I do make fun of myself right in the beginning, the narrator leaves once he finds out politics is the subject of the cartoon. he has no opinion. he just wants whisky. having no opinion and avoiding the subject can be a lot more damaging than the 2 extremes.

The art is sloppy (besides the lovely picture of them walking away at the end), but it just goes to show that you don't need gorgeous art to make something good. Besides, it resembling an animatic fits perfectly with this context of a brainstorming writer.

I like the different versions the narrative gets rewritten into, and the deadpan delivery is spot on, especially at the end. It was a delight and it made me chuckle. <3

I love this so much! The animation is astounding; the transitions from each individual the protagonist becomes is absolutely magical and your choice of music fits perfectly.

Amazing work!

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The only good timeline. 💖

This game truly shines through its simplicity: the mechanics are understood in a straight-forward manner and the experience is overall relaxing. It's adorable, good fun. Also the ending is sweet. Well done. 💖

nyunesu responds:

Aww, thank you for those sweet words!
Also thank you for your time to play it, I'm truly happy with the experience you had (:

Great game!

The controls are hella confusing; I would suggest making the character move in whatever direction the activated key points at the most.

Or, since mouse clicks are already used, you could make mouse movement a possible control.

Either way, I love it. 💖

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Sounds pretty good! I like the main instruments you used, as well as the chord progression.

I'd say you still need to work on your mixing and messing with the level of some of your percussion samples, but so far I like where this is going.~

ItzMeKey responds:

o wow thanks I never expected anyone to notice this, this was just kind of made on a whim but I really appriciate your comments <3

Seriously bud, this is a great track.

You got an amazing voice! When you hit them high notes and then get all raspy James Hetfield style, it's damn good son. It's a shame that your vocals are a bit muffled by your instrumental, which is equally impressive, by the way.

Good stuff!

MattDangerG responds:

Thank you! And sorry for the late response

This piece is so moving! It has just enough variations during its 9 minutes to keep me both relaxed and thoughtful, ironically. The echo effects are beautiful too! Makes the whole thing sound endless, like you're alone in an empty room. I also have to mention all those eerie electronic sounds that accompany the piano track well.

The whole time I kept thinking of big landscapes and skyscrapers, all devoid of any human life. It's a mysterious, but relaxing and enthralling experience. Great job.

BeyondTheBeyond responds:

Thanks for the awesome review =) Im happy you liked it, be well and take care!

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Wonderful artwork. Yay for LGBT rights. 💖✨
Also wtf's that guy talking about, 'gay cult'. Seems like the kind of dude to want a straight parade.

PrincessMisery responds:

srsly am i right??!

Wonderful!~ 🏳️‍🌈
Trans rights are human rights!~ 💖✨

Goodness gracious, they are adorable. I ship it. 💖

PrincessMisery responds:

got good taste

Queer French artist. Sweet and salty. She/her.



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