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I Want Your Soul (Cheap 80s Jingle) I Want Your Soul (Cheap 80s Jingle)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This rocks! I love the way you used the samples, it fits well with your beat and makes it sound more groovy and vintage. Great job!

If you're still looking for a vocalist, look no further! I'm not a pro, but I sing backvocals in a Hard Rock band, and I've been producing electronic music on my own for a few years now. You can look on my profile or send me a PM if you're interested, I'd be glad to collaborate. :)

If The World Ends Tomorrow If The World Ends Tomorrow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This piece is so moving! It has just enough variations during its 9 minutes to keep me both relaxed and thoughtful, ironically. The echo effects are beautiful too! Makes the whole thing sound endless, like you're alone in an empty room. I also have to mention all those eerie electronic sounds that accompany the piano track well.

The whole time I kept thinking of big landscapes and skyscrapers, all devoid of any human life. It's a mysterious, but relaxing and enthralling experience. Great job.

BeyondTheBeyond responds:

Thanks for the awesome review =) Im happy you liked it, be well and take care!

RecPlay RecPlay

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Gewd jawb, bee boy!

Okay, what can I say about this song... ?
Well, it is great!

The only thing that may bother people listening to your tunaynay is the repetitive sounds. Add stuff! But the rest is freaking epic, fow shizzlez, teh skittlez!

I give ya a 8 outta 10! See ya, bee boy.

EmptyCell responds:

You've right with that tune. I doing for start loop-tune songs, but when I learn how control completly FL studio, I do some better songs. For now I done only that loop-songs.And I must Thank you too :)